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When we talk about the nobility, tradition and authenticity accompanied with integration in many areas as exchange, jewelry, property as well as shopping centers we are talking about one brilliant name which is "Al Fardan".

Al Fardan Center & Towers is a part of the most prestigious of Al Fardan Group in United Arab Emirates located in Sharjah, the first shopping center where it was opened in 1998, the center is located in the heart of Sharjah city and in an area inhabited by more than 40,000 people and no more distance than ten minutes walk on foot.

Its unique design shows high and accuracy in the organisation planning, the center has three floors with parking and the estimated area of 4.783 square meters, or the equivalent of 51.465 square feet. The total rentable area 80,900 square feet as the following form:

Basement : 86 car park and services room

Ground floor : 20 shops. Total GLA = 26,110 Sq Ft.

Mezzanine floor : 34 shops. Total GLA = 23,207 Sq Ft.

Restaurants floor : 13 shops. Total GLA = 26,930 Sq Ft.

The center includes a major famous retail stores, such as ''Carrefour Market'', ''Mothercare'', ''Al Fardan Exchange'', Tips & Toes'', Yateem Opticians'', ''Abu Haleeqa'', Treasure Island and other finest retail stores in the world.

What distinguishes the building is covered by the full diversity of various activities, such as retail, the center of business and which consist of shops and the commercial offices with an 174 distributed offices across two towers A and B are divided into:

Three floor in Tower B, total of offices no.52

Six floor in tower A, total of offices no.122

In addition to the business office there are a residential units in the tower B and hotel, and all that you'll find it under one roof, we have the welfare of the family and their joy because of our pretty distinctive atmosphere through the second floor, which includes a toddlers play area, and food court in addition to the magnificent and unique scenic of Khalid lagoon and with a seating capacity for more than 300 people.

The building also includes 198 residential and hotel apartments is estimated with 264 units (640 beds) in addition to retail stores as mentioned above. One of our future plans is to include a new brand to complete the wide range of our existing retail stores, which meets the needs and the requirements of our dearest visitors and population of the area.

After we gave a brief introduction about Al Fardan Center & Towers we come to the vision and message of Al Fardan general manager

With the advent of the year 2000, it is imperative that the United Arab Emirates, and especially Sharjah, keeps pace with the progress being made, Keeping this in mind, we at Al Fardan Group have embarked on new project designed to cater to the needs of the tourism industry, as well as the residential and commercial requirements of society – all under one roof.

The experience and encouragement of our forefathers has provided the foundation on which to build a strong future. Al Fardan Centre is like a pearl on Al Buheira Corniche and has become a significant landmark in Sharjah. This achievement is a great milestone in Al Fardan history and the beginning of a new concept of family shopping and leisure in Sharjah.

Al Fardan Group is committed to delivering the best always. A belief that’s reflected in our latest project in Sharjah “Al Fardan Towers”. The buildings has 272 deluxe luxury apartments which are for sale and can be leased for a period of 50 years.

Al Fardan Towers offers comfort, safety, luxury and is a one stop shop for all the residents’ needs.

It promises to be a tremendous success right from location to execution.

Mr. Hassan Ibrahim Al Fardan